September 30, 2023

Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary is no longer open to the public for tours.

Our goal is to protect the animals we have taken into our care as permanent residents, to live out a quiet, relaxed and stress free life.  Our staff and volunteers work long hard hours to accomplish
all the needs to operate our facility.

We also provide assistance to native wildlife in need of rehabilitation.  With orphaned and
injured wildlife coming in daily, we must use all our efforts to try and give these animals a second
chance at life in the wild.

Please consider a donation towards the care of a life in need of assistance.

Interac E-Transfer.


Thank you for your generous donation. Your assistance helps us take care of our animals.

You can also donate to the Bear Creek Sancturary through by clicking here:

Donate Now Through! Faire un don maintenant par!

Twill - Black/Red Front Lemur
Photo courtesy of Mary Sever

Fonzie - Black Lemur

Quiko - Douracoli


Farah - Serval Hoolia - Great Horned Owl Kazan - Siberian Tiger Sierrah - Cougar Tessa - Siberian Tiger Tiwi - Wallby

(Faraa, Hoolia, Kaya, Sierrah, Tessa, Zulu and Tiwi)

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