Become a Volunteer

Students under 18 years old must get parents to sign a release waiver. Co-op students are always welcome. Assist with daily food preparation, feeding, watering and cleaning. Keep work areas clean and well organized. Maintain grounds: Grass cutting, check animal enclosures and notify staff of any required repairs. Assist with public presentations, special tours, educational programs or any other functions.

Please note: A $100.00 one time non-refundable fee to volunteer will now be charged to offset initial administration and training expenses, as well as ensuring that applicants are giving their decision to volunteer with our special animals the serious consideration that it requires.

Please contact Mary for more information on our volunteer program.
(705) 721-4730

Breakfast at Bear Creek Breakfast at Bear Creek

Caretaker For a Day

UPDATE: Due to the coronavirus this program is currently not available.

For ages 14 and up, come and spend a day with a Bear Creek volunteer and find out how we take
care of the animals and run the sanctuary. Please call Mary for an appointment

Price - $225.00 per day
Folllow a Bear Creek volunteer for the day (10:00 am to 3:00 pm)
Learn proper animal husbandry
Help volunteers feed and water our animals and clean enclosures
Help with sanctuary maintenance (construction, painting, raking, etc.)
Get a certificate of completion ready for framing,
a photo of you ready for framing, and
have an incredible day you'll never forget!

Available dates are all year round
To book your date please email or call Mary, (705) 721-4730

Breakfast Keeko
Caretaker for a day Caretaker for a day

Corporate Retreats

UPDATE: Due to the coronavirus this program is currently not available.

Corporate Retreats are a great way to reward your team, act as an incentive, build team spirit, or be a
reward for completion of a big project. We will design a program specifically suited to your needs which will include a tour of the sanctuary, working with our staff and animals, and lunch after. We can design a
"Corporate Challenge" or a working retreat involving everyday chores with our staff as we care for our animals. . Minimum of 10 people per retreat please. For information about corporate retreats please call or email Mary.

email Mary

Begin your day by meeting all the staff of Bear Creek Sanctuary along with an
educational tour of our facility.
Corporate Retreat - Meeting Jahzara (Jaglion)
Meeting Jahzara, female jaglion
Corporate Retreat - Meeting Kamen (Siberian Tiger
Meeting Kamen, Amur (Siberian) tiger
Spend the day assisting our animal caregivers with their daily chores, preparing all the primate, herbivore, omnivore foods.
Corporate Retreat - Preparing Breakfsat
Prepping Breakfast
Corporate Retreat - Lunch
Assist with maintaining the carnivore enclosures by cleaning up their surroundings and refreshing their bedding.
Corporate Retreat - Team Cougar Cleaning
Team Cougar
(Cleaned 4 cougar enclosures!)
Corporate Retreat - Team Tiger Cleaning
Team Tiger
(Cleaned 4 tiger enclosures!)