On April 9, 2006, two Jaglion cubs, Jahzara (female,) and Tsunami (male),
were (unexpectedly) born at Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary.
Please read their story:

This photo was taken by Mary just after she discovered the jaglions. In the photo are Lola, (the mom), Tsunami with her, and the dark spot in the foreground is Jahzara. It was very cold and Lola had abandoned Jahzara, who was barely breathing. Happy ending though, the kids are beautiful and healthy and turned 7 years old in
April of 2013.They truly are miracle babies.



UPDATE October 2022

It is with great sadness we have to announce that Tsunami passed away peacefully while
enjoying the morning sun

An extraordinary friend who emitted enormous personality and love
towards all who cared for him.

His sister Jahzara has shown her sadness as she too has lost her best friend.

Thank you for an amazing 16 years!

Mary Barros
Director of Operations

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What is a Hybrid? A hybrid animal has parents of two different species.
A hybrid that everyone is familiar with is the mule. A mule has a donkey father
and a horse mother.
The jaglions have a jaguar father and a lion mother. The
lion and jaguar are different species of the same genus Panthera in the
family Felidae (which includes all cats).

A hybrid is most often sterile and cannot produce offspring of its own.
The birth of jaglions at Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary was a surprise, to say
the very least.
Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary does not breed animals and
does everything possible to ensure the animals do not reproduce on their
own. This doesn't always work.

In the case of the jaglions' parents, Lola and Diablo, every precaution was taken.
A great many people didn't think it was even possible for Lola to conceive,
but nonetheless, she was separated from Diablo each time
she came into estrus.

You may ask why the separation wasn't made permanent. Actually, this
was attempted several times over the past few years. Lola and Diablo have
always been together. They came to Bear Creek within weeks of one
another, were bottle fed in the same nursery and became constant companions.
It seemed only logical to house them together as they grew up. When they
were reaching maturity, separation was attempted, only to result in both
animals becoming very anxious and suffering depression to the point where
Lola refused to eat. After a few attempts with the same results, Lola and
Diablo remained together and, against all odds and the efforts of the Bear
Creek staff, Nature prevailed and the babies were born.

Lola and Diablo were permanently separated in 2012. They still share a fence,
and communicate daily. Lola is happy and healthy.

Tsunami and Jahzara might be the only jaglions in the world.
They are beautiful, perfect, healthy and active. It seems Nature knows its stuff.

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