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How YOU Can Help!

Private tours are available with some of our "How YOU Can Help" options. On your tour you will meet all of the animals (if they want to be seen, we don't make them come out if they don't feel like it) learn their names, hear their stories and find out about individual species, many of them endangered and in need of protection. If available you may be able to have personal visits with some baby animals, but this is something we can't guarantee. Tours are conducted by appointment only, weather permitting, May through September.

sponsor_band Julie - Volunteer kids with Sameera
water run Lisa - Cali

Sponsorships Button Sponsor one of our animals and come for a private tour!
Caretakerr For A Day Button Follow one of our staff for a day of animal caretaking.
Volunteer Button Volunteer at our sanctuary. We work hard, but it's very rewarding!
Corporate Retreats Button Does your business want to give back to the community? Here's how.
Other Ways To Help Button There are other ways to help our animals, see them here.
Donate Now Button Pressed for time? Pick an amount and make an instant donation.

Want to help but don't know how? Pressed for time?
Use this "Donate Now" button, pick and amount and donate instantly to help the animals.
Your donation will be gratefully aknowledged on our "Sponsors" page.

100% of the money you donate goes directly to the care of our animals.

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