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Please join us at our Gala as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary in June!
Dinner, dancing, silent auction, raffles, and door prizes.

Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary 25th An niversary Gala Flyer

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Welcome to Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary

Education - Conservation - Preservation

Canadian Flag We are located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Canadian Flag

Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary is not open to the general public. To book a private tour of our sanctuary click here.

Donations urgently needed! We are relocating 10 animals from Bergeron's Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary and need to build 5 enclosures! We have to move these animals ASAP and you can help! Please read the story on our Bergeron's Animals Relocation Fund page. 100% of the money you donate through this page goes directly to
buying building materials for their new enclosures.

Cassie - Cougar Eurasian Eagle Owl Edna - North American Black Bear Timber Wolves

Meet our newest rescue, an American Miniature Horse filly! She doesn't have a name yet, and you can help!

UPDATE! Her name is Nya and now she has her own gallery page. Go see!

Mini Me and Alanna

This precious tiny filly has some medical issues and her veterinary and farrier (hoof) care is very expensive. You can help us by donating to the Mini Fund. 100% of the money you donate to this fund will go directly to her care and upkeep. We depend on our supporters and donors to help us take care of our animals.

Please help if you can.

Build for Baloo!

We are delighted to announce a new permanent resident, baby bear Baloo! He started out as a foster but we've decided he needs to stay with us. We need to build a new outdoor enclosure for him. He's growing FAST so we need to get this done soon!. You can help by donating to our "Build for Baloo" Enclosure Fund.
100% of the money donated through the Build for Baloo page will go directly for his enclosure. So go see the page and please help if you can!

  Baby Baloo, Black Bear
Baloo was only 6 weeks old in this photo, he is now 7 months old and weighs 87 pounds.
He's a growing  bear! He needs his new home before winter! Please help!