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Become a Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary

Animal Caretaker For A Day!

What do wallaby eat?
How do you build an enclosure for a lemur?
Do lions eat every day?

Want to know the answers? Join the Bear Creek Sanctuary Animal Caretaker for a Day program and find out!
For ages 14 and up, come and spend a day with a Bear Creek volunteer and find out how we take care of the
animals and run the sanctuary. Appointments are available now!

Price - $225.00 per day
Folllow a Bear Creek volunteer for the day (10:00 am to 3:00 pm)
Learn proper animal husbandry
Help volunteers feed and water our animals and clean enclosures
Help with sanctuary maintenance (construction, painting, raking, etc.)
Get a certificate of completion ready for framing,
a photo of you ready for framing, and
have an incredible day you'll never forget!

Available dates are all year round
To book your date please email or call Mary, (705) 721-4730

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